The Band - "That's Right" Album

The "That's Right" album - official release date: Feb. 10, 2014 -- was recorded in Nashville at Quad Recording Studios and features these sensational people. Sure, it's "words & music by JKN" -- but it's MAGIC by:

 Dane Bryant, Piano and B3, and Chris Cottros, Acoustic and Electric Guitars


     Jon Conley, Electric Guitars











Jason Cheek, Drums











Smith Curry, Steel Guitar and Dobro 












With Rob Hajacos, Fiddle



Tim Marks, Bass


Carole Neuen-Rabinowitz, Cello

Kristin Wilkinson, Viola

Jeff Spence, Diana DeWitt and Vicki Hampton, background vocals


Produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Riddick for Mark Riddick Productions, Nashville, TN. Engineered by Taylor Pollert (pictured). Asst. Engineer: Bryce Roberts.


Recorded at Quad Studios, Nashville, and at Mark Riddick Productions.


- James


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